RRP - Stationary signal processing on graphs


Graphs are a central tool in machine learning and information processing as they allow to conveniently capture the structure of complex datasets. In this context, it is of high importance to develop flexible models of signals defined over graphs or networks. In this paper, we generalize the traditional concept of wide sense stationarity to signals defined over the vertices of arbitrary weighted undirected graphs. We show that stationarity is intimately linked to statistical invariance under a localization operator reminiscent of translation. We prove that stationary signals are characterized by a well-defined Power Spectral Density that can be efficiently estimated even for large graphs. We leverage this new concept to derive Wiener-type estimation procedures of noisy and partially observed signals and illustrate the performance of this new model for denoising and regression.

Authors: Nathanael Perraudin and Pierre Vandergheynst

Date: January 2016


Figures of the paper


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