Welcome to the UnLocBox (Matlab convex optimization toolbox) sourceforge page.

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This site contains a brief description of the convex optimization, as well as the MATLAB toolbox implementing the main algorithms.

Documentation is available online or in the note section. See the userguide , the full documentation and a tutorial.

Summary of the UnlocBox algorithms are in the following papers

"Proximal Splitting Methods in Signal Processing"
Patrick L. Combettes, Jean-Christophe Pesquet
Fixed-Point algorithms for inverse problems in science and engineering.

If you use the UNLocBoX, please kindly cite UNLocBoX-note-010. If you have any questions about the UnlocBox , please contact Nathanaël Perraudin at unlocbox at groupes dot epfl dot ch

To be able to run the demos, you need different toolboxes: